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How is Tania as a coach according to her clients?

"Tania is a superstar! I met her during my master’s at Oxford and when I was starting to transition careers and adapt to a new country. She always brought the right level of energy and enthusiasm to our conversations, whilst adding a very pragmatic point of view. Tania really helped me to better understand my skills and where I could apply them in different roles. She also helped me with building confidence and my personal brand. I am very grateful for all the support Tania has given me and I hope to keep interacting with her throughout my journey."

Luiz Guilherme Pretti, Brazilian

Career transition from Criminal Lawyer tSocial Innovation, London

"I cannot recommend Tania more as a coach. I was introduced to her by my late father, who she trained with. Her compassion, empathy and commitment to understanding my situation helped me overcome my self-limiting beliefs about my professional ability and potential. She was consistent and thorough and her friendly but encouraging character pushed me to explore my next steps properly whilst feeling truly listened to. On the back of our time together, I have , very nearly) finished my masters and secured a new role that better meets my longer term ambitions. I have, and will continue to, recommend to friends and family members who may feel stuck in career limbos, to spend time with Tania."

Rosie Stewart, British

Career transition from Primary Care Account Manager to Medical Devices Business Development Manager, London

"Tania is one of the most talented and gifted coaches I had a privilege to have coaching sessions with. She helped me think through my career options, while being still a student at Oxford living through the first year of the COVID pandemic. Tania is an attentive listener and great at giving practical career tips. From our sessions, I’ve learnt how to build a career in a new international environment, how to make a career transition, and do networking effectively. Thanks to Tania’s advice, I have moved from diplomacy to working in media comms development, which I find both stimulating and rewarding. Most importantly, I have gained confidence to make a career change in a new country."

Oksana Basystyuk, Ukrainian

Career transition from International Diplomacy, Kyiv, Ukraine to Media Communications, London

"Tania is an empathetic, strategic, kind, energetic and truly wonderful coach. She goes out of her way to make you feel safe in her sessions and encourages you to speak freely and honestly. Tania has been fantastic at setting me realistic targets that I not only should, but want to meet. After our sessions I feel lighter, clearer on what needs to be done next and less alone with everything. I cannot recommend Tania enough.”

Sarah Frosh, British

Career transition from International Development to Urban Anthropology, Copenhagen

"Tania’s utmost patience, compassion, and vast experience in international development has guided me through the nuances and tradeoffs in my career after graduating from the Master of Public Policy at Oxford. She made it seem effortless to embrace my doubts and understand my concerns. Moving to Paris and then transitioning to fieldwork in West Africa was so far among the best decisions I’ve ever made. And I wouldn’t have been able to make them without Tania's dedicated support."

Zoe Lin, Chinese

Career transition from the OECD, Paris to humanitarian NGO, Nigeria

"I am recommending Tania to every single one of my friends who are going through a career existential crisis. And I can tell you, there is a lot of them! Especially women who have worked tirelessly to jump the career ladder for years and one day find themselves unfulfilled and lost. I am really grateful that I found Tania when I was feeling like that. She is so warm and kind and makes you feel at ease from the first second you enter the coaching space. Her empathy, energy and passion for helping others unlock their potential can be felt even if you just meet her online, as has been my case. In person, she has an amazing presence and listening to her is very inspirational. I spoke to many other coaches before hiring Tania and she was by far the best. For me, it was also a perfect match because she has worked in international relations all her life so I felt like she understood my sector-specific lingo while not being too siloed into it. Our work has been transformative in so many ways. I really look forward to having her close as part of my career journey, which has just taken off."

Sofía Martínez Fernández, Spanish
Career transition from conflict expert with regional expertise to

Founder of a social impact business on innovative peacebuilding


"I met Tania when I was doing my master's in Oxford. She shared her professional international experience, knowledge, and unbelievable energy with me and my classmates. After I finished my masters, and in an important decision-making moment in my life, she offered great support and career advice, and encouraged me to believe in myself and strive for my goals." 

Daniela Vargas, Colombian 

Career transition from local Project Officer, UN Mission to Colombia to 

International Programme Management Officer, Office of the UN Secretary-General, New York

"Tania is an excellent coach. Her work combines extensive experience in the policy & international development sector, knowledge of coaching techniques and tools, and unique sensitivity. When I was on my professional master's degree from Oxford, she helped me identify my strengths and map out a solid professional development plan. Today, I reap positive results from this process." 


Mariel Deak, Brazilian

Career transition from Government, Brazil to International Management Consultancy, Chile


"Tania supported me through a very transitional point in my career. From the first session with Tania, I felt that rapport was built very quickly and a trusting space was created to open up and discuss what can be quite personal topics. The conversations we had were always relevant to my career ambitions and really supported me in my decision making which brought me to the career that I decided upon today (- which I am very happy with!) The goals that were set felt realistic and achievable and the tasks that were set at the end of each session were also clearly linked to my career ambitions and were enjoyable to complete. Tania was extremely attentive, and when I had interviews or conversations with employers she always found the time for a quick check in prior to the calls. She has a clearly genuine care towards the progression of her clients which made the whole experience even more enjoyable. Thank you again!”

Catherine Partridge, British

Career transition from Programme Manager at Mencap, London to

Manager of Strategic Operations at Latin American Leadership Academy (LALA), Colombia


"I met Tania in autumn 2022 during a very confusing time in my life/career. I was feeling unfulfilled at my job and was trying to figure out what steps to take and in which direction.

Tania supported and guided me to discover what I wanted to do. However, realising what I wanted to do - study for a PhD - came with so much pressure as I could not afford to fund my studies. I almost gave up the PhD dream as I felt it would just be too difficult to get a fully funded position/scholarship at any good university. Tania was there to remind me and advice me that it's not impossible and I just needed to put in the effort. Together, we shortlisted all the possible scholarships I could apply for, and I started my applications. After submitting a couple of applications and receiving rejection letters, I almost gave up. However, Tania was there to keep me going, and she assisted in reviewing my applications as well. On my fifth application, I received a success mail, and she was definitely the first person I forwarded the email to. Tania is a very kind, supportive, friendly, and wise coach. I am so grateful to her for helping me to figure out my life/career. "

Fatima Abacha, Nigerian

Career transition from Lecturer, University of Maiduguri, Nigeria to

Doctoral Researcher, University of Manchester/Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), Singapore

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